“Running can be done by anyone, it does not depend on gender, age or background. We meet every week to run together and at the same time we get to know each other. These new contacts are important for many people who are new to Belgium. We don't just run for good health. While running, you can let go and forget. When you are under pressure, running can help anyone to clear their head."

- Harry -

"I knew Les Gazelles de Bruxelles thanks to Veerle from ngo Link=Brussel. She asked me to join them on a Friday. I accepted and felt good with them.
After that, I kept running with Les Gazelles every Friday and also participate in some running competitions when I have time. I brought my brother to Les Gazelles, he also runs with us now from time to time."

- Abdelileh -

"I wanted to get to know the Belgian social profit sector better. At Les Gazelles, I got experience for the job market  and practise my Dutch. I learned to be a team player, but also to work independently"

- Moufed -

Seven years ago, I started running at the Fedasil refugee shelter. Afterwards, when we moved to Brussels, I got to know Les Gazelles. After a few months of running, they put me in touch with job coaching at Atelier Groot Eiland. Last week, I started at my job in a school in Anderlecht. I was so surprised and relieved that they offered me the job! Looking back, I would advise others to never give up. If you set your mind on something, persevere. One day it will come."

- Tina -