Why running ?

Exercise is healthy! Sufficient exercise is important for everyone. Unfortunately, this is not evident for many people. People in poverty, refugees, newcomers or undocumented migrants often experience barriers that prevent them from participating in existing sports initiatives. This is why we started Les Gazelles de Bruxelles in February 2013.

Why running? 4 reasons why we believe in the power of this sport:

1. Running is healthy

Running makes you fit. Running is the most effective way to work on your fitness. No other sport gives a training effect so quickly. It relaxes, de-stresses, energises and quickly gives a feeling of accomplishment.

It strengthens the body and self-confidence. It has long been proven that running releases neurotransmitters, 'happy hormones'. Running is even used as a therapy for depression and anxiety disorders. A good habit of regular training gives a sense of initiative or of taking control.

2. Running is cheap

Running costs next to nothing. At Les Gazelles de Bruxelles, there is no financial threshold for participation. There is no membership fee. Runners pay for additional costs according to their financial means. Those with an income pay their registration for a running race or a small sum for the T-shirt. Those with no income pay nothing or a token contribution. Our organisation seeks sponsorship for the extra costs, such as registration numbers, sports shoes or running clothes for those who need it.

3. Running is a social sport

There is nothing more fun than running in a group. The strength of the group makes people put on their running shoes again and again. There is regularity, a shared goal, a common drive. While jogging, one gets to know others in a spontaneous way. Running easily breaks down barriers between people and creates a sporting friendship. Les Gazelles de Bruxelles is diverse and multicultural, not categorical but integrated. By involving other Brussels residents through networking, Les Gazelles promotes social cohesion and networking. In running, origin, culture, background, education and language play no role. It requires you to push boundaries, but together, you are in shape!

4. Running gets you going

Runners are persistent. Running teaches you in the simplest way that perseverance works and is fulfilling. The success experience of running, the satisfaction after training or succeeding in a running race is reinforcing. Sport makes one better. Training on a weekly basis gives structure to everyday life.

Translated to the target group, this healthy spirit is not out of place. A person's status, self-worth and self-confidence is always affected in one way or another by negative experiences in the past. Our target group has a lot to deal with, many obstacles to overcome, many testings to endure. Rising above this all and looking forward, above all, requires a belief in one's own ability. Running makes a huge contribution to this.